SGI Science to Solutions: Grazing and Sagebrush treatments

Sage Grouse Initiative

The Sage Grouse Initiative just released their most recent Science to Solutions report that I wrote. The document “Grazing and Sagebrush Treatments: A 25-year Case Study in Utah” outlines a long-term evaluation of how sage grouse respond to sustainable grazing management and sagebrush treatments.

“The study shows that sustainable grazing practices and sagebrush treatments enhanced herbaceous understory for sage grouse in years with average winters, but that bird populations declined following severe winters.

These findings from Utah can help conservationists working to achieve self-sustaining sagebrush ecosystems capable of supporting sage grouse and other sagebrush-dependent wildlife. While sagebrush manipulation can be an important component of sage-steppe restoration, this report illustrates the delicate balance needed when conducting sagebrush treatments in sage grouse habitat.”