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Conservation Policy Consulting Services

Media & Messaging

Effective communications requires telling the right story to the right people using the right medium. Jodi Stemler Consulting has a unique foundation of wildlife science, years of conservation policy experience, outstanding writing and communications skills, and a vast network of policy, media and communications professionals. We will help you connect with your audience and meet your communications goals through press releases, news stories, social media, blog posts and web content. This is our specialty – let us help you tell your story.


In today’s highly digital age, printed publications continue to fill an important niche in your organization’s communications strategy. Jodi Stemler Consulting can help you clearly articulate complex scientific or policy issues to various audiences through reports, brochures and infographics. We will help you identify your concept, write your text and work with graphic designers (either your designers or those we’ve depended on before) to ensure the final product meets your needs, your deadline – and your budget. If editing is your need, we’ll bring our notorious red pen to your materials to catch those spelling or grammar errors before your publication goes to print. Leave your publications in our capable hands.

Legislative Campaigns

To make a difference for conservation and outdoor recreation, you need a broad vision and an ability to build coalitions, activate grassroots and engage the media. Jodi Stemler Consulting can craft and coordinate strategic campaigns that impact legislation and policy-making decisions. In two decades we have carved a unique niche – bridging the gap between sportsmen and environmental groups, bringing a foundation in science and how it impacts policy decisions and an ability to connect policy with public support. Let us help you craft your media, legislative or grassroots campaign.

Strategic Outreach

Well coordinated events, campaigns and media relations typically depend on connecting with the right people. Jodi Stemler Consulting has a broad network of colleagues across the country and can help you connect the dots to make your project as effective as possible. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the best professionals in the country whether they are wildlife biologists or conservation organization leaders or legislative specialists. Our list of contacts can help ensure you get the right group to your meeting or event and help you put together the most effective, diverse coalition for your legislative needs.

Meetings & Events

For some conservation challenges, face-to-face conversations are the most effective opportunity to bridge differences or simply to advance collective goals. Jodi Stemler Consulting has planned everything from receptions to multi-day stakeholder meetings. We have built trust with an extensive network of conservation professionals and are known for our ability to build consensus. We can organize and facilitate your meeting or event to ensure it brings together the right people, stays on budget, and meets your organization’s needs.

Analysis & Research

Sometimes the best way to connect with decision-makers is to present them with new research that will explain policy implications in an innovative manner. Jodi Stemler Consulting has done policy analysis and research to inform legislative and rule-making processes. We’ve compared the economic impacts of sportsmen with other mainstream industries, researched outdoor recreation policies and how they impact public land access, assessed state renewable energy siting policies and more. We can help you design and implement your research project.